Variety: Spice Of Life

It was a great privilege to be a panelist at the Ada Lovelace evening hosted by SATRO and the Mayor of Guildford.  We certainly sparked plenty of debate and discussion.  The aim of the event was to explore the legacy of Ada Lovelace and enable dialogue around how we can help inspire innovation in future generations.

For me, at the heart of innovation are curiosity and a desire to make a difference.  To nurture our curiosity, fuel our creativity and embrace our ability to have a positive impact we all need exposure to a variety of experiences, insights and perspectives.  We need exposure to difference and diversity.

Why It Matters?  
Diverse influences and inputs encourage a creative mindset and a desire to make a difference.   A culture of creativity enables ideas to flow and creates an atmosphere where innovation can flourish.

Staid stereotypes are destructive and limiting.  We may not always be able to halt our instantaneous biases but we can certainly be thoughtful enough to work on how we personally deal with those biases in a positive way.  It may take a little effort but it’s worth it and we owe it to ourselves and others.

In a nutshell, here’s why I believe we should all embrace diversity and difference in order to nurture innovation…


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