Yes, Captain!

I was thinking recently about a piece I read in 'Yes! 50 Secrets from the Science of Persuasion' by Noah Goldstein, Steve Martin and Robert Cialdini.  A great book full of interesting insights and good humour founded on solid ethical research. In it there is a section on 'captainitis; the sometimes perilous behaviour people exhibit... Continue Reading →


Proud To Be In Print

It is fair to say that being featured in People Management in May was a proud moment for me.  Many thanks to the editorial team for the opportunity. Special thanks goes to two true professionals.  Writing ace, Grace Lewis.  Twas great to work with you.  And photographer, Simon Fernandez.  Who knew that posing could be... Continue Reading →

Leading Insights. Alan Says…

...part of the Diamond Dozen series --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Alan Foster, McLaren Automotive talks about innovation  .  culture  .  customers --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Elaine...  You are an executive for a world renowned brand recognised for its innovation and flair, what advice would you give to up-and-coming leaders who want to create and sustain a culture of innovation? Alan...  If... Continue Reading →

Inspired in 2015: My Top 5 Books

As is traditional at this time of year I thought I would enter into the spirit of things by sharing with you five books that have inspired me this year.  They have all had an impact on me in different ways.  Whether improving my understanding of others, getting my creative juices flowing or helping me... Continue Reading →

High Value Technical Teams

I have had my thinking cap on for the past few months pondering the challenges faced by those who lead or aspire to lead technical or technically orientated groups.  One of the areas I focused on was technical team performance.  Why? Well... Fueling innovation. They are the knowledge engines of our economy and need to... Continue Reading →

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