In The Middle

I enjoyed listening to the recent podcast produced by the CIPD (please see below).  It explores the challenges faced by line mangers and how learning and development (L&D) professionals are successfully supporting them. Featuring... Dr Mark Cole, Head of L&D at Camden and Islington NHS Foundation, Catherine Noel, L&D Manager at Canon, and Jennifer Wrigley,... Continue Reading →


Leading Insights. Jacqui Says…

...part of the Diamond Dozen series --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Jacqui Hamlin, Food Float talks about community  .  teams  .  trust --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Elaine...  As a fellow Dorking resident, you are a bit of a local legend (I’m being serious!)  What advice would you give to individuals and/or organisations who wish to get more involved at a local community... Continue Reading →

Leading Insights. Craig Says…

...part of the Diamond Dozen series --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dr Craig Barson, Focus Product Development talks about innovation  .  teams  .  credibility --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Elaine...  It is no secret that you were my first ‘corporate-world’ boss.  Without being cheesy you had a hugely positive impact on me in the early stages of my career.  What advice would you... Continue Reading →

High Value Technical Teams

I have had my thinking cap on for the past few months pondering the challenges faced by those who lead or aspire to lead technical or technically orientated groups.  One of the areas I focused on was technical team performance.  Why? Well... Fueling innovation. They are the knowledge engines of our economy and need to... Continue Reading →

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