Cinderella Strategy

As we approach the festive season and a trip to the panto finds its way into many peoples' social schedules, I thought I would take a panto-inspired view of strategy.¬† OK, I may need to get out more but it worked for me ūüôā I‚Äôve been around the block, as they say, and it still... Continue Reading →


Leading Insights. Stuart Says…

...part of the Diamond Dozen series --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Stuart Gilbert, Secure Logiq talks about business¬† .¬† resilience¬† .¬† communication --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Elaine... You are a successful global business developer with extensive sales experience.¬† What advice would you give to a technical professional who wishes to move into a more commercial leadership role? Stuart...¬† Firstly, understand that this... Continue Reading →

Leading Insights. Sarah Says…

...part of the Diamond Dozen series --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dr Sarah Yarwood-Lovett talks about management¬† .¬† business¬† .¬† skills --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Elaine...¬† You have successfully moved from a scientific background into business leadership; both in a corporate setting and as a start-up.¬† What advice would you give to other scientists and engineers wishing to make a similar transition?... Continue Reading →

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