Difference is ACE

For several weeks I have been refining and rehearsing my talk for TEDxDorking (I'm getting very excited by the way ūüôā )¬† My theme is Nurturing Our Knowledge Engine; at the heart of which is the amazing potential and value created by diversity.¬† Embracing and championing the value of difference is so important because it... Continue Reading →


Using The Power Of Conflict

Attending TEDxLondonBusinessSchool was an inspiring experience which helped spark and clarify several ideas as the day unfolded. To watch the full set of talks please click here... One of my favourites was by Charles Irvine with his human and insightful look at conflict.¬† I hope you enjoy it too. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Charles Irvine: Conflict as a... Continue Reading →

Leading Insights. Michael Says…

...part of the Diamond Dozen 2016 series --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Michael Jenkins, Roffey Park Institute talks about diversity¬† .¬† productivity¬† .¬† influence --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Elaine...¬† In 2015 I heard you speak at an Economic Development Conference (really enjoyed your presentation by the way) and you raised the point that leaders need HR to help bring a ‚Äėfocus on... Continue Reading →

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