Poem: It’s Good To Talk But…

Conversations with others can aid career development, innovation and help to keep our perspective fresh.¬† You never know what you might learn or what new insights may be gained. Face-to-face networking at events is a good way to meet people. Just remember not everyone is always as professional and friendly as you ūüôā I hope... Continue Reading →


What Not To Do When You Network

Networking face-to-face is a weird old thing.¬† Meeting new people, reconnecting with others, sharing stories and conversations can help keep our perspective fresh.¬† However, not everyone approaches it with an open mind and healthy spirit.¬† Luckily I have had more positive networking experiences than bad ones.¬† However, the bad ones were so bad I just... Continue Reading →

Leading Insights. Phil Says…

...part of the Diamond Dozen 2016 series --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Phil Edwards, Weald Technology talks about collaboration¬† .¬† networking¬† .¬† purpose --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Elaine...¬† I remember when we first met and you told me about the electric motorcycle.¬† I‚Äôm still as impressed today as I was then by the way.¬†¬† Developing and commercialising new technology often involves cross-organisational... Continue Reading →


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