Your 7 PITSTOP Tips

Change is a constant in the world of science and engineering. Change keeps our knowledge engine dynamic and relevant. This makes it thrilling, challenging and sometimes tiring. Here are 7 tips to help you thrive. Specially for scientists and engineers.¬† Slideshare styleeee ūüėČ


Hello 2017

Another new year has arrived.¬† I can't wait for all the opportunities and learning it's going to bring.¬† When I decided to end last year's blogging with a quotation I decided to begin 2017's blogging with one too.¬† And yes, you've guessed it, here's another apt and thoughtful piece from author, William Arthur Ward (1921... Continue Reading →

Leading Insights. Stuart Says…

...part of the Diamond Dozen series --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Stuart Gilbert, Secure Logiq talks about business¬† .¬† resilience¬† .¬† communication --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Elaine... You are a successful global business developer with extensive sales experience.¬† What advice would you give to a technical professional who wishes to move into a more commercial leadership role? Stuart...¬† Firstly, understand that this... Continue Reading →

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