The Strategic Shift

As our professional paths evolve many of us are asked to take on more strategic responsibilities.  For some the expectation of being more strategic can be at odds with their personality and experience to date.  This conflict may result in a feeling of being overwhelmed... of being 'stuck'.  Perfectly natural and understandable, there are many... Continue Reading →


Cinderella Strategy

As we approach the festive season and a trip to the panto finds its way into many peoples' social schedules, I thought I would take a panto-inspired view of strategy.  OK, I may need to get out more but it worked for me 🙂 I’ve been around the block, as they say, and it still... Continue Reading →

No Ivory Towers Here!

I have been pondering about strategy over recent weeks as I have been writing my new free white paper 'Learning and Strategy'.  It reminded me just how often it can be misunderstood and underutilised. You see, strategy shouldn't live in the ivory tower of the board room or with the person who has the 'strategy... Continue Reading →

Inspire Yourself Today

Multiple priorities, technical and team demands, constant decision making can sometimes be all consuming.  Day-to-day pressures can often stop us from thinking more creatively about the challenges we face. One way to break the cycle and clear our heads is to expose ourselves to some wonderful inspiration injections. If you do this already; brilliant.  If... Continue Reading →

Proud To Be In Print

It is fair to say that being featured in People Management in May was a proud moment for me.  Many thanks to the editorial team for the opportunity. Special thanks goes to two true professionals.  Writing ace, Grace Lewis.  Twas great to work with you.  And photographer, Simon Fernandez.  Who knew that posing could be... Continue Reading →

Diamond Dozen: My Shining Examples

Shining Examples My perspective of leadership has evolved over many years; influenced by hands-on experience, research and observing others.  Yet it only dawned on me recently that what I was missing from my learning and development dialogue were the real-life Creative Enablers I know and respect.  The idea for the Diamond Dozen was born. Leadership:... Continue Reading →

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